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Joining us

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Healthy Living Journey

Rest and reinvigorate,
with the guidance of our experienced team.
in one of our healthy Living programs

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Naturalmente Life Experience

Come and Join us for experiencing Living with us

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You can apply to be a Long term Volunteer, after being in the Naturalmente life experience

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Retreat mode

you can also be in naturalmente
free of task obligations…

      Visiting options


One-day visits
May include a tour of the project and a healthy lunch.

Tour of the project                      –  5e
Meal – healthy & delicious         –  10 e


Naturalmente Life Experience         (minimum 1 month)

3h daily tasks +  meetings

Meals not included- (10e/day)

(accomodation in shared rooms or tents/caravans  included in all packs)



Volunteers                                                   no fees

4h daily tasks + meetings

– We offer meals and accommodation (in shared rooms/camping)

(Minimum 1 month or more, after evaluation period as NATURALMENTE LIFE EXPERIENCE)


Guest / Retreat mode  (free of tasks  obligations)                                                         – 30e /day

Participation in morning circle and meetings are required.




You may be a volunteer after evaluation period in Naturalmente Life experience,
(minimum 1 month) and have demonstrated commitment to our project


We will consider the possibility of being directly accepted as a volunteer,
if you have a skill we are requiring, and willing to commit for at least 1 month
(e.g. – permaculture, natural construction, digital marketing, or event organizer/ facilitator,
or general maintenance, organization and cleaning skills,  or cooking (healthy vegan & gluten free)

(in all options meals and accommodation, in shared rooms are included)
(you are also welcome to bring your tent or caravan




(note – at the moment we don’t have conditions to receive
children or pets (we plan to have an area dedicated for families soon)


Event  Facilitators / Coordinators

We welcome anyone who wants to organize events with us

(please contact us for more info)


 Thanks and Welcome Naturalmente



Own Tent / Caravan      – Free

Shared Room                  – Free

Renting a Tent              +10e (p/night – up to 2 nights)
+ 5e (p/extra night)

Renting private room      + 40e (p/night)

Rural Guesthouse               +/- 90e (p/night)
(5mins away)


   To JOIN  US

Please fill in the following questionnaire (click button)

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Who we are looking for joining us
We are looking for people motivated to co-create a SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY LIVING PROJECT with us,and contribute in the co-creation of a HARMONIOUS and MEANINGFUL Life together (read more...)


Our aim is to be a Retreat Center where everyone has a participative (active) role in the daily tasks, so everyone is responsible for co-creating and contributing with all that is needed for the daily life to flow harmoniously and manifesting all that we need for this beautiful project to blossom


We welcome people that are RESPONSIBLE  & CARING
for CONTRIBUTING for a harmonious LIFE together


Thanks and welcome Naturalmente

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FACILITIES we have already available
- Large Panoramic room for Events & Activities – (up to 40 people events) (Read more...)


– Main House with a big kitchen & comfortable Lounge,



– Gym equipment & Fitness space

– A terrace with a water reservoir that can be used as a pool (natural pure running water, with fish and healing algae)

– Natural pure water supply,
(great and delightful to drink – Pure & Revitalizing)


– Plenty of Nature – Beautiful, peaceful countryside land,
where you can Relax and Recharge
– Several ponds and little streams
-Forest Garden (permaculture)
– up to 200 biodiverse fruit trees, in various stages of development


– Outdoor Yoga Lounge / Dance floor
(a platform in nature with sand floor, in the shade of the trees
– Several spots for Caravans /Campervans / Tents
– Plenty of chill out areas in nature
– Various musical instruments
(welcome to bring also yours, so we can co-create some music together)

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Naturalmente – Daily Routine

Sunrise  Wake up  –  Sungazing – Medtation  (optional)

– Morning Practice (Meditation / Yoga / workout  (optional)

7h30 – breakfast

8h00 – morning circle (to assign the tasks for the day)

8h15 – daily tasks

13h00 – Lunch & Rest time


       Free time


16h00 – meetings (3x /week)

17h00 – Activities (yoga, chi-kung, meditation, breathwork, workout, etc…


music jam – around the sacred fire (weekly)

If you’d like to

Please fill in the following questionnaire,
after reading and agreeing with our Terms and Conditions (Guidelines)

Lifestyle in Naturalmente

– Guidelines

  • Co-creation and Connection One of Naturalmente’s principles is Co-creating a Life together,
    and learning to live in Harmony with each other and Nature .


  • Natural Healthy Living – – Naturalmente, as a Healing Retreat Center,
    promotes healthy, sustainable living habits, in harmony with nature, nourishing the Body, Mind and Soul.

    So we nurture an environment free from addictive habits,  where we focus on not depending on anything external from us for our well-being and happiness…,

    In Naturalmente, we don’t use alcohol or recreational drugs,
    and we ask you not to bring addictions/unhealthy habits to Naturalmente 



Healthy Revitalizing  Meals  –  These are vegetarian – natural, healthy and revitalizing,
prepared in a way that gives priority to keeping most life energy and nutritional value.

We focus on Boosting our immune System, treating health issues the most natural (and effective) way possible.

Constructive Communication – Our intention is to communicate with Authenticity and Respect,
co-creating a safe space for expressing our feelings and basic needs in a constructive, compassionate way.


Silent Areas – we ask you to respect the silent periods, and also to respect anyone choosing to be in silence.


Outside of these silent periods, music is very welcome. We prefer Live music, (instead of recorded).
So, feel invited to bring your instruments, and let’s make music together.




  • Sustainability

This is a place for Living in harmony with Nature, and includes caring for the resources in a sustainable way.



Only biodegradable and Environmental friendly cleaning and washing products are used here!



Healthy environment and Alive connections – Naturalmente values a Healthy environment and Human connections. So we are glad to be in an environment without wifi radiation and practically no phone signal !


Wifi or wireless connections are not used or allowed to be broadcasted at Naturalmente .
We have internet access using a cable connection. There is full phone signal 5mins drive away.


To keep the environment free of unhealthy radiations, please keep your phones off, while in Naturalmente



  • Responsible care – In Naturalmente everyone collaborates in a Responsible Caring way for the space and each other… Therefore:.


Please leave the common areas as you would like to find them (or better)

 please ask before taking something  for personal use and put back when not needed anymore

 If you find something that needs doing, please do it, (or communicate it, to be done when appropriate)


This way everyone is involved and responsible for co-creating a beautiful home for us all,
making it welcoming and inviting for everyone




Welcome to Naturalmente

– These are the terms of engagement in Naturalmente. You’re welcome to join us if you’re willing to agree…

We are very thankful for your contribution, support and co-creation.



With Deep Gratitude,
Warm hugs and Welcome to Naturalmente


You can also read here our complete constitution

   To JOIN  US

Please fill in the following questionnaire (click button)

Alternatively, you can download the questionnaire here, fill in, and send to our mail:


questionnaire - pdf download

questionnaire - doc download

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HOME - Welcome

NATURALMENTE – Forest Healing Retreat

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What we Offer

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